About Us

Reading is an amazing medium to forget your present and get engrossed in a totally different world where everything seems interesting and exciting. Be it a murder mystery or a historical adventure, it enraptures us with a sense of belonging where we join the protagonists in their quest. While many of us love reading, there are those of us who prefer to pick up a book once in a while. The main question faced by us at that moment is what kind of book should we read?

A Book Story has been conceptualized around the belief that people are always looking for something to read which goes well with their reading styles and preferred genre. Reading a book once in a while is not as great a crime as picking up the wrong book! If you choose a book that does not go well with your interests or reading style then it may discourage you from reading anything in the future. Best we avoid such disasters, right?

Explore our collection of unbiased book reviews and blogs related to the world of reading and writing which will help you choose your next read yourself instead of depending on others to recommend books to you. Besides, a recommendation does not mean that you will love what you will read. Browse through the book reviews that are written specifically by keeping important parameters that people look out for before selecting a book. Get to understand the intricacies of the plot, have a sneak peak at the characters and more importantly, an idea about the book from a reader’s point of view.

At the same time, this venture is a platform to share your opinions about books and discuss anything and everything that comes under purview when it comes to books and reading. Increase your know-how by reading about authors who have been kind enough to pen down delightful stories and do not hesitate to write to me in case you wish to read a review about a specific book or a genre that has been on your mind.