The Kissing Booth – Beth Reekles

Rochelle Evans and Lee Flynn are best friends who share everything with each other including their birthday! However, things get messed up when Elle starts falling for Noah, Lee’s older brother. Will her romantic liaison with Noah see the light of the day? And how long before Lee stumbles upon the truth? 

Author: Beth Reekles

Publisher: Ember

Genre: Romance

Book length: 448 pages

Recommended for: Teenagers, Young adults


Insights on the Plot

The story revolves around Rochelle Evans, popularly known as Elle among friends and family and her best friend Lee who knows her in and out. Being best friends with Lee, Elle is a regular visitor at the Flynn’s which also makes her bump into Noah from time to time. Noah is a very handsome guy and like most girls at school, Elle too had a crush on him when she was younger.

Being in the dance club, Elle and Lee are given the responsibility to come up with a stall at the school’s carnival. They decide to have a kissing booth where people could pay to get kissed! While Lee manages to seal his relationship with Rachel at the booth, it spells trouble for Elle when she ends up kissing Noah and wishes for more!

Even the handsome Noah seems to be smitten by her and they start sneaking out to enjoy their secret dates. However, Noah has a reputation of being a ‘player’ and Elle isn’t sure where their relationship is headed behind all the secrecy for which she herself is responsible. She hides this truth from Lee thinking of finding a suitable time to spill out the beans but ends up in a soup after Lee stumbles upon the truth.

Who will she choose? Her best friend or his dashing brother who has fallen head over heels in love with her!

Understanding the Characters

Rochelle (Elle) Evans is a seventeen-year-old teenager who is smart and pretty. She has grown up among boys due to her proximity with the Flynn brothers and their friends. Though not overtly beautiful, she is quite popular among the boys at school, none of whom have the courage to ask her out on a date after a warning from the protective Noah who claims to be watching her back. She displays her rebellious streak once she finds this out and not afraid to let her opinions be known.

Noah Flynn is a ridiculously handsome guy who every girl swoons over. He plays football, drives a motorcycle and has a quick temper which gets him into frequent scuffles at school. He has a caring side to his nature which is quite obvious from the protective instinct that he has for Elle.

Lee, the younger Flynn is a happy-go-lucky chap and does not bother much about the complexities of life. Though vaguely aware about Elle’s childhood crush on Noah, he never suspects them to be an actual couple owing to the vast differences between her and Noah.

A Reader’s Take

The Kissing Booth had been initially published on Wattpad by a fifteen-year-old Beth Reekles. The story received a positive response from readers on Wattpad and its rights were obtained by Netflix which made it into a film that became immensely popular, thanks to the casting of Jacob Elordi as the hot Noah Flynn!

The storyline in the book, however, is a little different from the movie. It does not have all the ‘friendship rules’ that are shown in the movie nor the popular dance sequence. The book adopts the light-hearted tone of a teenage romance novel and revolves around fun and a carefree attitude.

Elle and Lee’s friendship is envious but seems too glorified to be true in real life. The book mostly revolves around events that happen at school and the Flynn residence which can make most of us nostalgic about those good old times. Elle represents every teenage girl’s dream of going out with the most popular guy in school while Noah shows that the seemingly flawless too is full of flaws!

The book does seem to have its fair share of unrealistic incidents along with its insouciant side. Noah Flynn seems to be a complete package with his good looks, perfect grades, athletic cups, a short temper and plenty of fights! He even manages to get into Harvard which made me wonder ‘How?’ considering the fact that he was always on the field, at carnivals, in changing rooms, organizing parties and on his motorbike!

The book and the movie are doing well though. It could be the earlier mentioned fact about it being a casual story full of fun and reminiscence and obviously, about readers wanting to read something that takes their mind away from the hubbub of their daily lives.

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