Top 5 Books to Read during the Rains

Top 5 Books to Read during the Rains

Make the most of these great picks for the monsoon!


Reading during the rains will never get boring. Browse through our collection of the best books to read during the rains.

The feeling of reading a book with your feet snuggled neatly inside a cozy blanket as you sip on a mug of steaming coffee is heavenly. This scenario is more enjoyable during the rains as they add to the beauty of the environment. Selecting a book that falls in your preference criteria is very important as it could define your reading experience, particularly if you have just taken to reading.

I’ve selected a few good books from various genres that might help you get over your confusion of choosing the right book and revel in the joy that comes with reading.

The Hungry Tide – Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh is a master storyteller and he does not disappoint his readers with this book. Set in the Sunderbans, it brings together a fine tale of beauty and humanity with its myriad descriptions and scene set-ups. The book was the winner of the Hutch Crossword Book Award during the year 2004.

The reader is propelled into the story of two individuals named Pia and Kanai who live in different parts of the world but are brought together by a chance of fate. Kanai was visiting his aunt in order to make some sense of a few letters left to him by his deceased uncle. He meets Pia during this time who is on the lookout for an endangered species of dolphins. Together with the help of Fokir, an illiterate fisherman and their guide, they set off on a journey from which there is no turning back.

Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre is a classic that is much read and loved even today. Written by Charlotte Bronte, this is a tale of romance between an orphaned girl Jane who has been wronged in life and Edward Fairfax Rochester, a man made bitter by the blow of fate.

Jane has been a lonely person since childhood having been neglected by her aunt and her children. She grows up in a strict boarding school and becomes a teacher herself and is eventually given the responsibility of becoming the governess of Mr. Rochester’s ward at Thornfield Hall. The story takes an interesting turn thereafter with its own share of mystery and intrigue coupled with the budding romance between Jane and Mr. Rochester.

While Jane has her own reservations about the fishy incidents taking place at Thornfield Hall, there is no viable explanation presented to her which leaves her baffled. Will she be able to make sense of what is going on around her or will the events unravel on their own?

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith

Based in modern day London, this book starts on a freezing night with the death of a super model. The question that is baffling the police as well as the media is was it suicide or was it cold blooded murder? Enter Cormoran Strike, a war veteran who is struggling with his private investigation business.

This book is a treat for all mystery lovers who are looking for some action. The Cormoran Strike series is authored by none other than J. K. Rowling and features a not so clichéd detective with demons of his own. This book is a great page-turner and promises to take the reader on a tour of London as they join Strike and his assistant Robin on a mission to nab the culprit.

The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

If you love the idea of a story within a story then this is the book for you! The Shadow of the Wind deals with Daniel Sempere’s quest to find the author of a book who seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. When he realizes that he holds the last copy of the book, intrigue gets the better out of him and he goes on a mission to find out about the missing books.

The Aryavarta Chronicles – Krishna Udayasankar

This is one of the most fascinating trilogies that I’ve ever read. It is the retelling of the Mahabharata albeit using logic instead of using the shroud of divinity that is usually associated with the epic.  There are three books in the series – Govinda, Kaurava, Kurukshetra and each book concludes at a crucial point from where the other part takes off. A marvellous take on one of the most popular epics of all time which will leave you spellbound with its storytelling and character sketches!


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